4 years on twitter and counting

March 27, 2011  |  EN

Just last week twitter celebrated its 5th birthday and yesterday, I celebrated my 4th birthday on twitter. My first tweet on twitter can be seen below. Now 4 years later I sent 44,606 tweets, have 1,405 followers and follow 1,150 people.

Working very hard in the office...
Arvid Bux

Did twitter change my life? Indirectly yes. It opened up a new way of passing a message and also made it easier to communicate with people you haven’t met (yet). Before you needed to get someone’s email address or phone number, now a simple mention(@) can already open up doors that normally remained closed. Next to that, you can easily engage with people whose interest you share or participate in discussion about a certain topic. To me twitter is the following;

A coffee corner chat without being physically in the same coffee corner

Some of my big things on twitter:

Did twitter change your life? When will you celebrate a milestone on twitter and what was your first tweet? Let me know!


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