Top 10 Distractions in the office

April 10, 2011  |  GTD  |  Comments Off on Top 10 Distractions in the office

When trying to eliminate distractions or interruptions in the office, it is good to draft your own top 10 and see how you can deal with them. Just trying to do something about distractions will not work as you don’t know what to focus on.

Creating a list of them and seeing which ones affect you the most will allow you to work through the list more effectively. You can use any of the below listed items and how they would rank for you.

In some future posts I will give you tips on how to deal with the distractions that you may encounter.


Email can be on your list twice. One for the constant pop-up that you just received another new email and second for the fact that your email box never seems to be empty.


It usually starts ringing from the moment you switch it on and stops ringing when you switch it off. Then when you switch it on again, it starts ringing again and notifies you of the several voice mails you received while it was switched of

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Cost of Distractions

April 10, 2011  |  GTD  |  Comments Off on Cost of Distractions

We all work on a daily basis in environments prone to distractions. Some environments are more distracting than others, but, we can relate to the effect that distractions have on our performance.

Reuters reports that interruptions and distractions cost the average desk worker 2.1 hours of productivity every day and the companies they work for as much as $1 billion annually.

The following is a list of common distractions:

  • Doing more than one task simultaneously
  • Constant interruptions by coworkers, email, social media
  • High frequency of interruptions (one interruption every five to 15 minutes)
  • High noise levels in the working environment

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In Charge of Your Own Time

January 11, 2011  |  EN, GTD  |  Comments Off on In Charge of Your Own Time

One way to start with  GTD is to make clear to yourself that you are in charge of your own time. Sure, there will be situations that require your immediate attention but also then, you are in charge of your time. If you want your day to be just 2 hours of working and 22 hours of doing fun and personal things, that is fine. Just make sure that you are not trying to squeeze too many things in just these two hours.

To get this implemented you have to write down all the items that need to be done on a specific day in your agenda. Blocking certain time periods in your agenda prevents others and even yourself of sliding some other things in there.
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Getting Started with GTD

January 3, 2011  |  EN, GTD  |  2 Comments

Let’s make some things clear here. Getting Things Done (GTD) is not something you can learn from a book and implement within a matter of a few days. GTD requires your full attention and willingness to change the way you have been coping with the everlasting pile of things you need to get done. Being it work related tasks (filling a report, drafting a slide set) or even personal things (taking care of some maintenance, regular checkups on your finance). All this has to be structured in order for you to get them done.

You can read millions of books on how other people get things done but it is YOU who has to change your way of completing tasks but also on how to use your time efficiently. I would advise you to read through my GTD blogposts and take from it that you think will be useful to you but also to give it your own personal twist.

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Get One Month Evernote Premium for free

January 2, 2011  |  EN, GTD  |  2 Comments

As you have read in my previous article, I will be posting my method for GTD. It is also very interesting and good to read which GTD methods other people use. I have 10 referral links available for you to test-run Evernote Premium. You can earn a referral link by leaving a comment and providing me a short insight in your GTD method or a link to a interesting article on how other people use GTD.

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